Generate an image or PDF from HTML

Instead of sending in a URL to the API, send in a HTML snippet

Sometimes you may want to generate an image or PDF of something that isn't accessible via a simple URL.

a spreadsheet of URLs

Thankfully, you can now generate screenshots and PDF's from HTML. Here’s how to get started:

Instead of sending in a URL to the API, send in a HTML snippet. In the sandbox we have a HTML option where you can try this out:

Step 1:

Create your HTML snippet and copy and paste it into the HTML textbox:

a spreadsheet of URLs

Step 2:

Hit render

Step 3:

Download your generated image!

a spreadsheet of URLs

Now, because Urlbox is first and foremost an API, you can hook all of this up in the coding language of your choice and automate things like social media graphics, open graph images, sending custom invoice email PDFs or generating advertising assets. There are many possibilities!

Not a coder?

The zapier no-code integration also makes all of this possible.


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