Website screenshots with Apple-style emoji

Render emoji exactly as they look on your iPhone, iPad or Mac

If you have attention to detail, one of the most frustrating things about taking automated website screenshots is emoji support.

Urlbox solved this problem years ago along with dozens of features for taking screenshots at scale.

Rendering emoji at a URL just works with Urlbox.

Lets try rendering all the people emojis at https://emojipedia.org/people/

We've set a few options extra to make this screenshot look great. We automatically click accept on Emojipedia's cookie popup, we reduce the screen size and ensure retina quality.


It results in a screenshot like this:

Example HTML rendered as a PNG

All the rendering options you need

There are dozens of rendering options in the Urlbox API.

You're not limited to PNG

Urlbox has many output formats beyond PNG. You can also render:

  • JPEG
  • WebP
  • SVG
  • AVIF
  • HTML (after JS has executed)
  • JSON (Coming soon).

More Urlbox Features

Urlbox is powerful with dozens of features for taking screenshots at scale.

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