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Adpiler's Integration of Urlbox's Screenshot API

Adpiler uses Urlbox to easily generate fallback images for HTML5 ads.

Adpiler, a leader in the advertising sector, faced a pressing challenge in generating fallback images for HTML5 ads. This case study explores how Adpiler efficiently integrated Urlbox's screenshot API to address this challenge.

Business Challenge

Adpiler’s CEO, Jorrit Baerends, described the initial problem: "Before Urlbox, creating fallback images for HTML5 ads was a significant challenge for our users. It was a manual, time-consuming process fraught with inconsistencies, leading to delays and increased workload."


Adpiler selected Urlbox due to its reliable screenshot capabilities and seamless integration.

Urlbox stood out for its ability to accurately capture HTML5 content and render high-quality images, which perfectly aligned with our need for an automated 'Image Generator'.

Jorrit Baerends

Jorrit Baerends

CEO, Adpiler

Features and Implementation

The 'delay' option in Urlbox was a game-changer for Adpiler. Baerends elaborated, "We are very happy with the 'delay' option. This helps us to create a screenshot of the last frame of the animation, a crucial feature for us." Additionally, the easy integration with Amazon S3 was beneficial for the company.

Impact on Business

Enhanced Efficiency

With Urlbox, creating fallback images became a streamlined, one-click process. This substantially reduced the time and effort required for Adpiler's users. Adpiler also found they were also able to use Urlbox to support their users in the creation of social ad mockups, to include in presentations.

User Experience and Savings

Though not quantifiable in precise terms, Baerends recognized the significant time savings: "Imagine a campaign with 30 different ads. Manually taking screenshots of those takes time; now it's just one click away."


The integration of Urlbox's screenshot API at Adpiler has been a transformative step. It has not only improved efficiency and consistency in generating fallback images for HTML5 ads but has also greatly enhanced the user experience. This case study underscores the importance of adopting suitable technological solutions to address specific business challenges effectively.

Screenshot of coveragebook.com generated by urlbox.io

More happy customers

Using Urlbox, we've scaled our volume to over 5 times what we were. We’re confident that Urlbox will continue to produce great results as we grow.

Andy Croll

Andy Croll

CTO, CoverageBook

It would have been so cumbersome to implement a service of our own to take screenshots. Urlbox's API is so straightforward, and the live preview is cool. I can play around with the parameters and see it do what I need it to do.

Matthias Wagner

Matthias Wagner

CEO, Flux

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