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Full page screenshots for CoverageBook

Urlbox provides CoverageBook and their customers with fast, accurate screenshots at a terrific price.

Over 12,000 public relations professionals across 40 countries trust CoverageBook to easily showcase & share the impact of their work.

Other solutions would fail under load or go offline and you wouldn't be able to reach them as their support was unresponsive. And the render quality wasn’t good or fast enough even when it did work.

Building our own solution left us with significant maintenance and support burden, and we could easily find enough work to need multiple engineers working on it full-time. We've chosen Chris and the Urlbox team to be our experts and they provide us—and thus our customers—with accurate & fast screenshots at a terrific price.

Using Urlbox, we've scaled our volume to over 5 times what we were. Millions of screenshots of thousands of websites over the last couple of years. We’re confident that Urlbox will continue to produce great results as we grow.

Andy Croll

Andy Croll

CTO, CoverageBook

Brighton, UK
Screenshot of coveragebook.com generated by urlbox.io

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It would have been so cumbersome to implement a service of our own to take screenshots. Urlbox's API is so straightforward, and the live preview is cool. I can play around with the parameters and see it do what I need it to do.

Matthias Wagner

Matthias Wagner

CEO, Flux

Urlbox's support of emojis was a big signal that it could replace our own service. It was a simple replacement - a real success story for us.

Jānis Peisenieks

Jānis Peisenieks

Head of Engineering, Whimsical

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