Welcome to Urlbox, an API for converting URLs and HTML into screenshots, PDFs, videos, and extracting text, html and metadata with ease.


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How it works

In general, there are two ways to call the API:

  1. Using render links which can be embedded directly into image tags, and returns the render directly.

  2. Using the JSON REST api which can be called asynchronously or synchronously.

Use Cases

Urlbox has many different use cases, spanning several industries. Below are a few examples of what you can do with Urlbox:

Screenshots from URL

  • Build a website inspiration gallery
  • Create assets / artifacts for advertising networks in various dimensions
  • Repeatedly screenshot and keep an archive of websites to ensure that they are not using your brand's IP
  • Take hourly screenshots of various news websites for achival or legal purposes
  • Add 'export to PNG' functionality to your website
  • Preview different headlines / copy on your clients' websites
  • Generate thumbnail screenshots
  • Run a 'sanity check' screenshot to check that your site looks good at different viewport sizes before releasing

Screenshots from HTML

  • Save an image of dynamic user-generated content
  • Generate open graph images by embedding the Urlbox render link directly in meta tags
  • Add an 'export to PDF' function to your website


  • Generate PDF invoices from a URL or HTML
  • Generate PDF catalogues of social media influencers, PR campaigns, etc.


  • Generate video previews of websites
  • Capture scroll linked animations using scrolling video capture


  • Extract metadata and markdown from a URL
  • Extract custom metadata from a URL


  • Grab the HTML source code from a URL


  • Render website thumbnails from a list of URLs stored in CSV's, Google Sheets or Airtable
  • Schedule and compare screenshots over different time frames
  • Screenshot and archive Google search results for various search queries
  • and many more!