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How to Generate Twitter Screenshots Automatically Using Twitter Screenshot Apps

Here’s an overview of the best Twitter screenshot apps that help you generate Twitter screenshots automatically. Read on!

May 10, 2022

6 min read

Dan Cucolea

Dan Cucolea

Twitter is one of the most popular social networks on the Web today. People and businesses use Twitter to build an audience and engage with potential customers. But it does have a massive drawback - it forces you to rely on its algorithm for visibility.

Just think of that excellent thread you spent a few hours writing. It'd be a waste if the Twitter algorithm were the only thing deciding if people get to read it.

You have to share it across as many different channels as possible, starting with the ones you own, like your blog or newsletter.

Twitter Screenshots Apps allow users to capture screenshots of their timelines or specific tweets. These apps are handy for creating content for blogs, articles, newsletters, and other social media platforms.

This article will cover four ways to screenshot your tweets and generate high-quality, ready-to-share images automatically.

How to generate Twitter screenshots with Urlbox

Urlbox is an all-in-one solution that helps you screenshot virtually any part of Twitter, like:

  • A single Tweet
  • A profile page
  • A Twitter list
  • A handle.

Urlbox is a screenshot API at its core, but it also comes with Sandbox - a virtual playground. You can use this to generate a screenshot automatically and download it in many different formats, like PNG, JPEG, and even SVG or PDF. Urlbox is consider the most accurate way to convert HTML to image and it works great on tweets.

How to automatically screenshot a tweet

1. Find the tweet you want to screenshot and copy its URL.

2. Go to and paste in the URL you just copied. You can customize how the tweet looks by changing the theme between light and dark. You can also pick a different display language and even hide the conversation the tweet is part of.

3. Once you are satisfied with how your tweet looks, just click Update and then copy the code.

4. Sign in to your Urlbox account (you can start a free trial by going to this page) and go to Sandbox.

5. Switch from URL to HTML and paste the code you just copied. Select the "Element" Render Mode and use the ".twitter-tweet" selector.

6. Once the image has been rendered, simply click on "Open in new tab" and save it. You can also upload all your screenshots to an S3 bucket.

7. Use the Request URL to integrate Urlbox with your app to capture Twitter screenshots automatically.

How to screenshot other parts of Twitter

Say you want to screenshot a full profile once in a while to keep track of what other people are posting. In that case, all you have to do is:

1. Go to and type in the handle of the profile you want to screenshot (for example, "@jot").

2. Pick the "Embedded Timeline" option, copy the code and paste it inside the Sandbox.

3. This time, you'll have to pick the "Full page" render mode. This will make sure that your screenshot will feature all your latest tweets.

You can also convert a public list's tweets into an image following these exact steps.

Other Twitter screenshot apps to keep in mind

If you simply want to screenshot some tweets and you're not looking to automate the process, you can try one of the following apps.

1. Pikaso - Chrome Browser Extension

This app generates images from single tweets. It comes with a Chrome extension that adds the option to screenshot a tweet right on the platform.

Pikaso is free as long as you're ok with a watermark on the final image output. If you want to get rid of the watermark, you'll have to pick a paid plan (starting at 9.99 EUR per month). This also grants you access to multiple output layouts and the ability to integrate it with Zapier.

With the highest plan (199.99 EUR per month), you also get access to their API, which is extremely basic compared with the Urlbox's API.

One thing that makes Pikaso stand out is the ability to post your screenshots on Instagram automatically, but you will need Zapier to configure that automation.

2. Tweetpik - Screenshot tweets as videos

Tweetpik is one of the most complex Twitter screenshot apps out there. It lets you screenshot, edit, and save single tweets.

In addition, you can configure how the final image will look like by changing the Twitter theme (light or dark), adding or deleting elements (number of likes, time posted, number of replies, etc.), and even adjusting the text width.

Tweetpik also lets you create a video from a tweet that you can later post to your social.

The app has a straightforward pricing plan starting at $12 per month (or $9 per month if billed yearly). Their paid plan comes with all features and up to 1,000 API requests/month.

3. Tweetshot - Screenshot tweets on your phone

All the apps I've covered until now work on desktop but don't have a mobile version. This is why I wanted to include Tweetshot in this list.

You can screenshot single tweets straight from your phone, edit and save them in your gallery. Tweetshot comes with three different layouts you can pick from; it lets you edit the background color of the final image and change the Twitter theme (light or dark).

The best Twitter screenshot apps

Picking the right app boils down to what your end goal is.

If you simply want to screenshot a single tweet, you can go with Tweetpik or Pikaso. If you're going to do so from your phone, you can give Tweetshot a try.

If you need advanced features, like snapping Twitter profiles, lists, or hashtags, you should pick Urlbox. You can also integrate the API with your app regardless of the stack you use.

Urlbox works best for businesses and individuals looking for a scalable solution that automatically generates pixel-perfect Twitter screenshots.

The best part is that you can start with a free trial; this won't display any watermarks on your final image and grants you access to all features.

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