November 1, 2022

10 years of Urlbox: 10 ways to improve your screenshots (7 new for 2022)

I rarely write about our business but this milestone felt worthy of an update.

Chris Roebuck
Chris Roebuck
3 min read
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Customers like you have trusted us to take their website screenshots and convert HTML to images for over a decade.

I rarely write about our business but this milestone felt worthy of an update...

10th Birthday

Last Monday, 24th October 2022, was Urlbox Ltd's 10th birthday, I took the day off to spend time with family.

It's been a busy year for the company. Me (Chris) became "we" with 8 other people working on Urlbox. That's not including over a dozen awesome writers who have also helped us out.


We likely have you to thank for spreading the word for us up to now. Thank you!

We've been profitable for years with very little marketing and no outside funding.

But it turns out doing some marketing vs none can make quite a difference (I highly recommend trying it!):


But you're not here for the marketing...


You want to make sure we'll continue providing the web's best screenshots.

Most of our product development time has been invested in the things you've told us are most important:

  • Screenshot accuracy
  • Reliability & security
  • Rendering speed

I'll write about each of these at some point (especially if you tell me you are interested). Explaining why we use kubernetes mixed with serverless functions feels a bit dry for this post.

10 Features

Fortunately, with a larger team, we've also had time for some exciting feature improvements.

So, here are 10 features we've worked on this year... including 7 new for 2022.

  1. Metadata Extraction
  2. Zapier Integration
  3. S3 Integration
  4. Custom Metadata
  5. Webhooks
  6. Post your HTML, CSS & JS
  7. Animated Screenshots
  8. Better Than Ever PDFs
  9. GPU Acceleration
  10. Scrolling Screenshots (Yes that's video just like you've seen in the stunning Tailwind CSS Showcase)

I'll share the detail of each of these over the next few weeks.

Oh... and we've got even bigger plans for next year which we might give you a sneak peek of. If you'd like to stay in the loop start your free trial today.

Thank you

Thank you so much for supporting us over the last 10 years!

Let us know if you'd like to try one or more of these new features before I write about them here.

Chris Roebuck
Founder, Urlbox
Leeds, UK

PS If you'd like to give us a birthday gift, it would be wonderful to hear how Urlbox has helped you and your business. We're on Twitter here.

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